Daily Prompt: Never Surrender!

My mom always said – “You will anyways do what you got to do. Then why are you acting as if you need my permission?!” Unfortunately it’s not completely right. But I am kind of infamous at my home for having-my-own-way to do what-I-want-to-do. I am stubborn? Yes in a sense. But only when I rationally or emotionally agree to it. Completely. I might be right or wrong at the moment. Who knows! That’s why I like to take the opinions of certain people.

I might not argue or have a particular stand on the things that I feel are trivial. If you are meeting your friends on a weekend,  what’s more important? Ensuring we all meet or ensuring meeting at a venue of your choice? For me, it’s all good as long as we are meeting. So you might say I am quite easy-going in that sense.

But when I know what matters to me or my people and especially if am challenged (by people or by situation) that I could not get it or need not get it, I am all the game. Then it might be as trivial as watching a movie on a first day or getting a hand on a new awaited book first. And it definitely reflects highly in professional and personal life. Sometimes you have to lie low when times are difficult. But as long as you are focused, you know it’s alright and you will bounce back with an extra edge.

“Never Surrender” attitude definitely brings all good things at the end, but only when it’s accompanied with lots of patience, self belief, a little bit of risk appetite, abundance of positivity and virtue. It sounds a lot but is easy if kept simple. So lets’ do it!

PS:  On such a positive note, don’t miss a story of a common man which is funny yet shows his determination and never-give-up attitude for a cause. Watch It!

PS: Inspired by Daily Prompt: Never Surrender.


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