Daily Prompt: Can I leave it behind? No!

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Starting over always brings a mixed bag of emotions. Beginning of a new chapter in the life is always exciting and fun. Especially when we don’t carry much of the baggage from the last one. And that’s where we get stuck.

Leaving one job and getting into new shoes is a bit tedious. We are generally all happy in our comfort zone in the current job. Getting adjusted to a new people, new (more likely unknown) expectations, new work, new bosses and proving one’s worth all over again becomes a challenge. But then ain’t we more attracted towards a better profile or better perks or better work conditions (or sometimes getting rid of the current boss as they say) that drives us to move forward.  Weighing your pros against your cons is simpler.

Simpler compared to moving to altogether another country/continent! That too on a dependent visa !!

What made me take this decision? Apart from the fact (and sole reason for most of the people to move) $ values 60 times more than rupee?

  • I loved the idea of taking a year break to visit a new country (that too “America”) and doing all things that I always said I would have done if I had time
  • As everyone knows west “outsources” making software to Indian companies and it’s a very competitive business now. Companies bidding for lower and lower costs. Or maybe some projects are simply mismanaged.  In any case, we have to sit for long hours or sometimes nights in the office to survive in this mad world.  Especially in the service based companies. It’s quite common to spend at least 12 hours a day (morning 7:30/8 till night 8/9) including travelling for ‘work’. So basically meeting family was becoming a rare phenomenon. In my husband’s case holidays and even weekends were being spent in office. It was taking a toll on his health. Huh! Can be called modern-day slavery :P I really find it ironic as west cries about Indians stealing their jobs. I would love to say please take back at least 4-5 hours of daily work. Let’s coexist. You need us.  You can’t do it alone man. That doesn’t fit into your work culture.

Anyways coming home every single day by 6 pm and getting a life seemed lucrative.’Work from home’ at late nights instead of office is an added luxury.

Moving from India (and for that matter in “third world country” we are called) to America is a dream come true . I always wanted to experience this country. But why ain’t we yet dying for american dream?

What really attracts?

  • Working here is more attractive, not just in terms of financial gain, but also the kind of work that we get to do. If we draw a parallel between making software and making buildings, we always joke, architecture is done here and cementing the bricks is ‘outsourced’, though trend is changing. Also there is a better work-life balance as I stated earlier.
  • And of course there is a typical debate, less hassles in day-to-day life (like you don’t have to worry about gas cylinders or power outages or Internet speed or getting a new mobile connection), cleaner water, cleaner and better roads, less traffic , less pollution and less corruption (in terms of encounters with common man). It’s a great advantage.

  • You can follow your own customs, celebrate your own festivals, and people respect that. Freedom of speech, expression! (It’s the same in India though, various cultures, languages and religions co-exist).

  • Then why the hesitation?

    – I hoped to meet new people and understand new cultures. Here I get to socialize with a few Indians. (I am happy at least I meet them as not used to seeing no people around). As a general observation, people tend to create their own mini-country and get together with their own people. It’s of course more comfortable to be among your own people. And I had that luxury back in India. We already have family and friends (apart from the fact that we are second largest population on the earth so more chances of meeting new Indians).

    • May be I simply don’t want to turn into one of the depressed to be on H4 as land of opportunities and dreams isn’t really turning out like that for most of them.
  • Or I have a blind love for my country and faith in its brighter future, and who doesn’t?

  • Even though India is portrayed as a country with slums, poor people, and beggars etc., that’s not how everyone lives. Managing such a populated country has its own share of problems. There is poverty. But it also has increasing middle class (and some super rich people). And people get educated and get decent jobs and try to make living, like people in any other country. Not all Indians go to Himalayas and get into ashramas to meditate or to do yoga. We don’t eat samosas, poppadoms and spicy curry’s everyday. Difference in culture (wearing Indian attire or worshiping multiple gods) doesn’t make Indians more traditional or superstitious or spiritual. Hinduism and other religions born in India are simply very different from others. And difficult to understand, even for Indians. There is no standard accepted book that guides on how to live like a Hindu. Of course there are certain customs and certain traits that have emerged due to various reasons and there are certain people who cling to it. Even we are not proud of it. It’s a part of society. Every society. But its changing and young generation wants a change (and thus migrating to other countries :P).

    Though you living in a different country (temporarily or permanently) could be a great experience, you cannot leave behind your country for good. It’s not that you don’t adopt new culture and love a new country, but you still try to hold onto your people, your culture, your food, your cinema & music, your sports. May be that’s how you try to identify yourself.

    As for me, who knows, what happens next? Time brings whole new opportunities. And as long as there is a new day, there is a hope… for something magical to happen :P 

    PS: Again a bit off track, but a couple of incidents that remind me a poor image of India across west/developed nations.

    1. My co-sister lives in UK. She had applied for a volunteer job. She was asked if they send an email to her previous employer (MNC into market research) in India (for routine background check), would they understand English? I mean it’s not our first or even sometimes second language, but really?

    2. My friend was doing MBA at Melbourne university (Australia). She is a vegetarian (and not all Indians are, in fact, most of them are not). She was asked with disbelief (that people can live without meat), “Can you run?” :P


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