Ageing: growing up or growing old?

She – What do you think about ageing?

He – What happened?

She – Just about to write in a weekly challenge. I am blogging.

He – What about ageing? We are born to die one day. So ageing happens.

She – You make it sound so obvious. I am going to touch 30 in another couple of year. And this thought makes me crazy.

He – Hmmm….

She – But it is comforting I guess. I mean when I think your way. Getting older is celebrating being alive for another year! But what do you think were the golden years? I have written essays in school numerous time on a famous poem by St Tukaram which is all about how or why childhood is happiness. I, of course, agree childhood was the best time. We get joy in small things. But I have some good memories while growing up. Life hasn’t been bad for one year and good for another one. It’s all mixed up. Can you pick out your golden year?

He –  Don’t know about year. But golden period started where we met and were dating. It probably ended when we married.

She – Drop it. I am not the right audience for such jokes. And dare tell me it’s not a joke. But do you always feel that you were dumber a couple of years back? And now you have got it all and become smarter.

He – It shows you are ageing, growing up and not just growing old.

She – Oh yes, thanks. As if I needed a certificate.

He – Let’s just say when you start talking about ‘good old days’, that is to say, when you feel you have lived your life now , won’t feel further year would make you any wiser and you know it all now, there are less chances of golden years to come by. Because then you are too smart to do stupid things. Till then it’s all okay.

She –  That sounds a pretty good deal. At least for now.

He – My ginger tea please? I want to catch cricket match highlights now.

She – Huh! Some things don’t change with age!


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