Sweet Delights

I love sweets. And snacks. But today is all about favorite sweets. I couldn’t pick out one! I don’t know whether to blame my decision-making or love for food. But I would like to go with the later.

I adore cakes and pastries. I can have it anytime. Chocolates are good. And dark chocolates are better.

But baking is not, at least was not, a typical cooking style in India while I grew up. I remember when I was a kid, cake and bread pudding was made in a pressure cooker at home. Later came electric ovens. Hardly used. And then microwave that has now become a part of kitchen. But I suppose it’s still not very common to have a ‘baked meal’ as such. Once upon a time, my mom used to make cakes at home. And I used to help her… a bit. I guess just ‘a bit’ as she says she doesn’t remember my involvement in anything that was associated with kitchen and cooking.

Well, all this history is just to cover up my lack of interest/lack of skill in baking. I saw quite mouth-watering sweet dishes on daily prompt posts today. Along with recipes. And I have a small confession. After all these years, deliberately ignoring my fate (of being a woman, of being a housewife some day and thus regretting ignoring my mom’s advise you-can’t-escape-cooking-and-learning-it-sooner-is-better ), I feel jealous of all you ladies out there, for whom baking comes quite naturally. Comparatively. Maybe.

Anyways, India has many delicacies. Every festival is associated with at least one. We have lots of festivals all over year. Every state has it’s own specialties. And we also have so many. So below are my 3 (or 4) most loved dishes not in any particular order, and not to be surprised, 2 of them are authentic Maharashtrian dishes as I grew up there (Maharashtra is a state in west part of India, most famous city being it’s capital Mumbai).

Guilty Pleasure: Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream + Hot Chocolate Sauce (+ a few Nuts… is a bonus)

Dessert is a perfect way of ending a dinner. And what’s a more perfect dessert than this one? It’s awesome! Whenever we go out for dinner, I really look forward to this delicious treat. Though I am not into dieting, I always share it as eating whole makes me feel a bit guilty. I don’t understand calories but brownie, chocolate, ice-cream and nuts… doesn’t it sound a lot?

 Sizzling Brownie

Divine: Aamras / Aamrakhand (or that matter anything to do with fresh Alphonso mango)

What was the most anticipated thing about summer apart from no school for 3 months? Alphonso mango and anything or everything made up of it. And how does it taste? Divine!

Aamras is fresh mango pulp extracted by hand. Aamrakhand is mixing it with another dessert called Shrikhand which is very similar to strained yogurt.


Simply yummy: Mom made PuranPoli

It’s kind of sweet flat-bread. Making it is a tedious process. At least when you follow the traditional recipe. It is a much-anticipated delicacy considering it is generally made on a certain festivals or such select occasions, typically in Maharashtra and some south states. (I have had it in canteen and bought ready-made a couple of times, but it turned out to be a disaster). I love it home-made, especially mom-made. It’s simply yummy. A meal with puranpoli is always heavy. Stuffing has a pinch of nutmeg powder to enrich the flavour and handful of hot ghee (clarified butter made at home) over it ensures a peaceful nap after having it :P


A cherished memory: Tiramisu

I had it once in Switzerland. It was great! Awesome! Out of world! (Literally as it was really out of my world of sweets then. Tasted it for the first time). I found it on a menu at a couple of places in Pune and ordered it with quite a lot of enthusiasm just to be disappointed. So it remains quite cherished.

List can go on. But that’s it for now.

Love to all you foodies out there! Enjoy :)


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