Good Times

Many a times you feel that this beautiful moment or time should last forever. Your brain knows that it is practically impossible but alas! Your heart is not ready to listen to it. You simply want some more time. To linger. To feel the moment (and wonder what if it is to last forever) and then to be ready to get back to reality, a routine. Here are a few of them:


It could be a 2-days or 10-days vacation, you never want it to be over. (vacation in a traditional way – “an extended period of recreation, esp. one spent away from home or in traveling”). It’s the period of excitement. You just can’t wait for vacation to start, pack your bags and leave. Of exploration. You just want to go out and see the new places. Relaxation. A beach or mountains? Well anything as long as you can experience a beautiful sunset that brings in a few peaceful moments. Laughter. Crack crazy jokes with friends or family. Lingering. When a return journey begins, you just don’t feel like it’s been enough.

A causal coffee date with girlfriends:

How much ever professional or wise woman (I don’t know what that means) you are (or you generally pretend to be), you simply enjoy it. Girl talk. Especially with your best friends with whom you need not keep your guards up. You can be silly and crazy. You can gossip. From anything and about anyone. Catch up on what’s been going on. In laws. Office politics. Friend who couldn’t make it at the last moment (and your own interpretations of why she couldn’t come). Friends in a different city. Old memories. Future plans. Current affairs. Shopping. Huh!

Seeing your family, your home:

What happens if you go to see your parents after a long time? You are pampered. Mom cooks your favorite dish before you asking for it. Dad brings in your favorite fruit or snack unnoticed (as in he feels we don’t notice it). Lots of love and attention. You laugh, sometimes fight. It’s strange how families work. But that’s the strongest bond and safest piece of land on earth. You always count on them!

A period between appraisals and increments:

Generally a quarter of year passes between these two events. You think nothing changes in between but you are wrong! Do any of the following events look familiar after you received a pretty good feedback in performance appraisals and you were on top of the world thinking you will cash in a pretty good salary increment this year ? These events generally happen in that last decisive quarter, just before your increment letters are to be released.

  • A recession in America or Europe; Value of Rupee going up against $. And even when you are many continents away from America/Europe, you see your dream fading away (and you are in conflicting thoughts whether you should be happy that a rupee is gaining or sad that you are loosing on a decent hike!).

  • Your company losing a major account and incurring some loss just in time to prevent further loss (i.e. increments).

  • Or worse, your boss or HR tells you that your performance isn’t the only factor in coming up with the % hike. And he throws a few terms at you such as normalization, bell curve, upper limit, lower limit, your limits, market value and mentions company has paid hell lot of money to someone to see where you are compared to market (and maybe thus left with nothing to pay you).

  • Good! Now you know why I said it’s better to hold on to performance appraisals than revision letters. That is being appreciated than seeing it loosing its value. :P


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