If you like the pets, you might like this site – Just came across this interesting site. A photographer, Andrew Knapp, has clicked pictures at the beautiful locations across US with his dog (Momo) hiding somewhere in each. Liked the childhood game of hide and seek? Then go and find Momo in each of these pics!

It reminded me of my cat, Kitu. We brought him home when he was just a couple of days old. A small cute kitten! He used to change his locations based on that of the sun as preferred to lie down at the warmest spot within apartment. I guess he also liked to hide. I remember some of the times we got so worried, rather panicked, and everyone was looking out for him. And he didn’t give a damn when we found him (sometimes really saved him) and plainly looked at us as if we were mad. Where did we find him ? None of it was as picturesque as those pics. Typical locations – Somewhere at the back of the loft (after he heard voice of my 3 yrs old cousin after almost a year who had given him some tough time last summer), beneath bed sheets kept in storage under bed (gosh! no suffocation? do cat really have 7 lives?), Inside wardrobe (When did he get in?), On a roof of the shop (below our apartment) to be saved from 7-8 stray dogs waiting down on the street below barking, On a wall (shield) above our hall window (may be sunbathing), on the top(roof) of a Ganapati stall (after mom was angry at him for destroying sofa covers), above electric meters boxes in the parking (thank god it had wooden frame) and so on. Nonetheless, he always acknowledged our efforts by saying  ‘Meow’! before getting back to doing nothing i.e. yet another nap!



2 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo”

  1. the way he used to drop his ears and used to give that typical innocent look whenever he did some mischief was the unforgettable

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