A random rambling

It’s been ten days I was away from my blog but already feels like a decade. I was surprised to see that I really missed it (!) considering the fact that I am just a novice blogger. But now I see how it becomes an addiction. And I don’t know why anyone would be interested in my mundane business… but just to take it out of my system, I blame my internet provider for a couple of days of disconnect as internet suddenly stopped working (Mom typically commented – See it happens everywhere… even in America!). And then another two days I was busy with guests that we invited for a dinner party – day one preparing food and day two too tired to do anything. And rest of the time I wanted to write but I was too restless to do it.

Why are you so restless? I asked my mind again and again. It didn’t want to cooperate. It was busy in its own busi-ness. It just responded by throwing other set of ‘What-if’ questions at me. What if this wouldn’t have happened? What if that would happen? Ah! When you are out of your mind (or rather mind is out of your hands) what to do? I don’t know the best answer. But I decided to write. Something. Starting today. But I could not. Of course I am going to blame these external factors. Mind never blames itself.

It all started with the snowfall in the morning. Yet again. Without any notice. Didn’t cheer me up. Where is so-called Spring?

A friend visiting in the afternoon and talking about her misunderstandings with other friend didn’t help. Girls are too sentimental. Sometimes even for me.

Then there was a notice from community office about noise from my apartment on the Saturday evening/night. Of course I had guests at my home that night. It was a very nuisance free (at least we thought so) party where families gathered to eat (and just to eat) and chat and play cards. We probably had too much fun to realize we were talking and laughing at a pitch that is considered above threshold. But at least for sometime it felt like being at home. I ignored the notice and blamed it on wooden flooring. I really hate this wooden flooring! If I can tell someone (whoever staying above me) is walking in which room, if watching TV or not and does vacuum generally on sat/sun around 2:30 pm, how would 10 people at my small apartment go unnoticed or rather unheard?

Then we got a letter from income tax dept. (IRS) that our agent (from H&R Block) was not authorized to authorize our application for ITIN. Thus it’s rejected. Huh! We got (April) fooled! I know what my mom would say – It doesn’t happen only in India!


2 thoughts on “A random rambling”

  1. Oh yes, things are not all perfect in America, sometimes they are worse than things back in India. I remember waiting for hours in queue at the IRS to submit my ITIN application last year, was lucky to get in that day after standing in queue for nearly 5 hours… That was when I realized Government offices have a universal code :P
    -Fellow A-Zer

  2. Are you participating in A to Z? You should perhaps show the logo if you are doing so. I am a minion for Tina’s Terrific Team shout if you need help.

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