Devil in disguise

She looked gorgeous in her silk sari. Her long black hair swirled around with wind. Her jhumkas (a type of hanging earring) were swinging as she walked with a grace. A dash of kajal (kohl) around her eyes deepened innocence in it. She had a beautiful smile. Was it soft clinking of her bangles or her sweet voice that echoed in his ears as she crossed him? He could only gaze at the bridesmaid in astonishment.

After a week or two, he along with his parents went to her house to ask for her hand in marriage. The proposal surprised everyone. She was busy planning her career like any other 20-year-old girl and not her wedding. He encouraged her to continue her studies as long as she wished to. He wooed her by painting the dreams of a promising future. He made her believe that she was living a fairy-tale and he was the prince charming. He won her heart… heart as naïve and romantic as that of any girl of her age. Poor she! As his charms also worked on her parents. They couldn’t have thought of a better match than a handsome doctor from a sophisticated and renowned family in the town; who was gearing up to take over his parent’s hospital. Best of all, he seemed to love their daughter. How charming!

As if it was destined to happen, Punditji announced that their horoscopes were compatible and eventually they got married with the blessings of elders and well-wishers. Feeling blessed in her new marriage she decorated her new apartment with cheer. Her happiness left no doubt in her parents’ heart of her bright future. She saw love in his eyes. His love that had blinded her eyes. Had she gazed into it longer, she would have suspected seeing a shade of darkness in his eyes!

A year passed by before he was being obsessed by a new target. He no more bothered to keep her blindfolded. And she soon started to see the reality. The darkness recoiled her. She noticed that he no more cared for her as he once did. She felt that he no more loved for her as he once did. She was heartbroken. She cried only to be ignored. She begged and clung to him as if it would stop him from drifting apart. He pushed her away hard to collide with a wall. She did not know what to do. She hid the bruises with her beautiful dresses and expensive makeup. She concealed her pain with her beautiful smile. She asked him again and again what she had wronged. Hadn’t she yet realized that it was a devil in disguise that had lured her?

Not much later she saw a real face behind his mask. She shuddered when her eyes met his dark cold eyes. She felt his wicked heart as he spit venom. She was frightened… but just for a moment or so. Then she became furious. She decided to revolt. She decided to unmask him in front of the world. He smiled cunningly as he took a cue. He needed just one more night to hush her. He used his crocodile tears to evaporate her anger. He asked for her mercy by cajoling her. He seduced her only to tighten the grip of death around her neck. He had an expertise in human anatomy. He just needed a few moments of her blind trust to choke that nerve behind neck. And she fell for the devil’s trap!

He waited besides his victim until a new day began. Then he made a few calls showing distress. He stood in the corner in silence to see her people sobbing over her suicide note. When they looked at him for answers he joined them in shedding a few tears in disbelief. A merest price one could pay for such a brutality before moving on to new-found prey!


One thought on “Devil in disguise”

  1. You have brilliantly brought out the demonic domestic abuse. If only she had unmasked the monster in time and not fallen into his sweet-trap…

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