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Jerry, like you too!

Tom and Jerry was my one of the favourite cartoon show. I had not realised my love for cats then. But yeah, it fits in! I remember that we used to eagerly wait for the TV show or for parents to get a VCR and Cassette on rent some fine day (as an incentive to let them peacefully watch some movie). It was fun watching Tom chasing Jerry and Jerry running for his life while teasing Tom.

Once one of my friend said that it’s pretty destructive.  Oh yes, I had not realised it. But as a child it seemed a friendly fight and a funny chase. No hammer, axe or explosive had any effect on them.  It just took a moment or two’s suffering before they regained their brand new bodies.  So it was just about the humorous fights between a cat and a smart mouse that we enjoyed!


Even after saying C for Cats, I liked Jerry Mouse more than Tom.  I always wanted him to win the game. And the little Jerry that couldn’t manage living in peace in his comfortable hole-house always teased Tom (especially if he was taking a nap and ignored Jerry) that irritated him. Jerry was beaten and trapped but almost always outsmart Tom  :P His little tricks always made Tom angry but helpless as he couldn’t catch Jerry. Sometimes they tried to be friends just to end up like enemies. Where was the fun in being good to each other?


So here’s the little confession that I have to make. Even after loving cats in real life, dear Jerry I liked you more in reel life. You rock!