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E is for excitement. And I was am really excited about A to Z challenge. But I have realized writing about a topic is easier than randomly devising a topic using a specific letter. I don’t know if I will reach up to Z as today itself I found myself in that “Errrrr…. I am not sure!” moment thinking about today’s topic. So I wisely picked it up as a topic rather than spending time on thinking about one on a busy saturday.

A bit off track but actually we (as in many people around me including myself) generally used – “I don’t know!”. Pretty direct.  But one of my colleague found it really amusing, I don’t know am not sure why. Even though both of us come from non-english speaking nations (India and China), respecting the fact that she had at least lived in Europe (Denmark/UK) for quite some time then, I switched to “I am not sure”. I know that “don’t know” is pretty cool. But other one sounds more polite (and confusing)!

Oh yeah. Being a bit more lazy on the weekend I am combining it with the daily prompt. How do I express myself? Well… I am better off writing some of my non-sense than anything else. My singing is enjoyable as long as I am the only audience and when it comes to  painting/drawing I may have limited abilities. In that sense, I have quite improved myself in this area when I compare it to the shape and colors of my flowerpot that my drawing teacher had shown to the entire class (thank god I was sick on that day saving myself from living another “Errrrr” moment).

Anyways getting back to a random “Errrrr” story…

Monsoon had just started. Roads (read: potholes) were filled with muddy water. As a kid one cannot resist jumping on it. And that’s exactly what my little cousin was doing when she suddenly noticed a leaping frog. Just like us, even frogs come out on roads in monsoon after hot summer. And before I could say anything this little impatient kid picked that stone-like muddy frog up and showed it to me.


I – “Yuck! Drop it A”

A – “Why?”

I – “Errrrr… I am not sure. Just let it go!”

A – “What would he do?”

I – “Errrrr… It could be harmful. I don’t want you to try it out. Can you leave it? Why do you have to pick it up? Let him play with his friends.”

A – “OK!”

I – “Have you seen any friend picking it up before? Or have you seen any cartoon or did mom read you any story about the frog (and princess)?”

A – “No! What is it?”

I – “Doesn’t matter. Just remember it’s just a story. A fairytale. You are a fearless girl to pick it (read: that ugly creature). So just remember what I say when you are a big girl. Never try it!”

A – “What?”

I – “Errrrr…. Forget it!”

Princess Frog