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She took a deep breath while looking down from the cliff.

She had lost her fellow trekkers in the afternoon and was trying follow their shouts, sometimes vague and sometimes clear. Sometimes it was just her desperation. And sometimes it was just a naughty whistle by wind to trick her. How long it’s been? A couple of hours or four or may be little more? She had lost the track. Luckily it wasn’t very hot & sunny today as she would not have survived with the little water she had. It was as if the sun was watching over her through clouds.  She had been walking frantically until she noticed the human-like figures down there whistling and calling her. She sighed with relief while noticing it was already getting dark. She managed to get their attention. All of them yelled and clapped joyously.

Unable to contain her emotions she sat down and cried. She drank all the water she had reserved for worse.  Suddenly she realised how tired she was! Her body was trembling and exhausted. For the first time in a last few hours she noticed the slight bruises on her body. Further she realised that she needed all those fancy ropes and rappelling equipments which she had a little training on. And she needed to be quick. Quicker than the sun smiling at her and all set to bid good-bye.

Unable to get up she looked at the sun. Sky had cleared.

He said to her mockingly – ” I see that you prefer company of the moon and the stars. You seem to be another romantic”.

She took a deep breath and got up.

She replied – “Do you mean I cannot do it?”

He widened his smile being able to ignite her spirits. It made for a perfect dusk picture with vibrant bright colors in the sky.  He mischievously looked into her eyes and asked – “So dear, can you?”

She closed her eyes and focused on what she had learnt.


She said loudly looking into his eyes – “I can, of course!”.

She was not aware but he already knew it being a silent witness of all the actions and events occurring under him. He didn’t look back and got busy speeding up for his journey. And so did she! Finally she managed a way down the stiff cliff after a couple of dangerous whirls and twists.

She glanced at him again before fainting among her people and mumbled -“I did it! I told you!”

The last ray of sunshine had brightened up her face before the moon appeared in the sky.