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B for Breaking Boundaries!

I still remember just a first line of a very old poem we had in Marathi textbook which meant – “Way of life should not be complicated. Just go with the flow (tried and tested path) or else you will keep wandering throughout life”. I don’t know why I still remember this poem. May be because it was opposite to all the inspiring stories we are told about people who break the rules or push themselves beyond the boundaries to think different.

I have to admit that it is a quite practical advice. Keep things simple. Just go with the flow. And that’s what we generally do. And get busy in the circus of balancing work (preferred to be called as ‘Career’ now-a-days) and life. We keep living within the boundaries that are set by sometimes other people or sometime ourselves.

Boundaries give us a sense of security. But wouldn’t it be exciting to push ourselves just a little bit to do things that we won’t do generally? It’s not about literally breaking bad. But simply giving ourselves a chance to do things that we didn’t do mostly because we didn’t see anyone around us doing so. Or we were too conscious of doing it due to age-old common dis-ease ‘what will people think?’

It is difficult to break the pattern. But once we stretch ourselves we sometimes surprise ourselves. It might turn out to be the most amazing or satisfying thing. And how do we do it? As it is said in one of my favorite film, Kung Fu Panda, there is no secret ingredient. Trusting a person at the other end of mirror is a trick. And it’s most definitely yourself!