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C for Cats!

Yes. You read it right. C is for cats. I know that both you and I no more study in a kindergarten. But I cannot yet go beyond it. I pondered over C for Coffee. But then I thought it’s better to drink one . Also C for Counting Calories. I recently saw a video on how a small cola cup we buy in the movie theater has 23 sugar sachet and a journalist questioning coca cola president over it. Very educating! But cat wins. I am not an old lonely cat lady. Right now I even don’t have one. (But I had one long back named Kitu). But seriously… a cat makes a good pet. So this is for all of those who don’t think so.

Cats are loyal: I know loyalty is a virtue of a good dog. But cats are also loyal. We used to let our cat go out whenever he wanted to. Cats are free spirits. I know it’s not possible to do so everywhere. But the point is every night it used to come back home. Sometimes late at night he would knock (more like a scratch) on the door. Too much to take in? First day we didn’t realize who did it as didn’t see anyone from peephole. But there it was. Little cat down on a stair waiting for us to let him in.


Cats are low-maintenance: We didn’t have to teach him anything. He figured out how to clean himself. What to eat. What to do when not well (i.e. eat grass and sleep). And also how to find his own special dinner. First time he hunted down a mouse (my poor English… I am still not sure of difference between rat and mouse… but it was small), he proudly brought it home as if to show a trophy to family members. I am sure our screams confused him enough to not to repeat so. But yeah, we felt like proud parents.


Cats are intelligent: Oh yes, they would remember you next time you come home. They might not want to disturb their nap to welcome you. But they are intelligent. They understand when you scold them (Kitu was naughty enough to first cover his poop on sofa by sofa cover and then droop ears to say sorry when someone scolded). They are clever enough to show their attitude only on a dog that is out of reach i.e. tied and held tightly by a friend. Of course, cat understands your instructions but just too lazy to react.


Cats are good play buddies: Yes, you just need a thread or even his own tail would do. Chase can go on for quite some time. Just try another time if he is not into it as he would totally ignore you. Don’t mind.


Cats are cute: Especially cat movements are pretty cool. You enjoy watching the movements even if it’s yawning and stretching. After all we call a cat – tiger’s aunt. (It’s same as tiger is called big cat in English.) And what is catwoman (remember Batman?) named after ?

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