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Oh typical american food store!

Oh typical american food store!

Your glitter tricked me for sure!

All the fancy packages stared at me with the pleading eyes,

Until I moved them to my shopping cart thinking am smart and wise.

Chocolates, Cookies, Chips, and Healthy Trail Mix,

How can I just pass the aisle and miss this sugary treat!

Frozen food, canned food and all other kind of processed food,

Do I really want to spend time cooking real food?

Sugar free and Calorie free,

And I was on the shopping spree!

And a day came when I couldn’t believe my eyes,

Not to say I blamed faulty weighing machine for this disguise!

TED talked about how sugar and processed food are bad,

Hungry for Change & Forks over Knives showed getting sick isn’t that hard.

I don’t know if all facts and figures are legitimate,

But how could I forget age-old wisdom and imitate?

Not all the times I beat temptation of my favorite cake and snacker,

Though I try my best to spend more time at veggies and fruits corner :)