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Koffee with Karan (Season4) Digest

Being a fan of Bollywood movies, how could I miss the glamorous gossip talk show hosted by one and only Karan? I really like him as a host.  Of course I followed latest season i.e. season 4 and here are some of the moments that one shouldn’t miss (or some better miss). Of course Karan said (super)stars that could no more avoid his charms debuted this season.  But wasn’t it really surprising to not to see King Khan (Shahrukh Khan) this season?

Funniest & the best: It is undoubtedly the one with ‘Gunday’ boys – Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.  It was total fun with duo rocking the show. This one cannot be missed!

Awkward: Even though season opened with the Salman Khan, I couldn’t know who was more awkward, Karan or Salman? It was Salim Khan’s appearance at the end that had a few light and relaxed moments.

Bland & Boring: If you think that 2 leading ladies of same era together on the couch would stir the air; you would be disappointed. Both the shows were quite bland and boring.  One with Madhuri & Juhi, And another with Priyanka & Deepika.  Deepika from her last appearance on the show  (with Sonam) was missed. And Priyanka what happened to you? Hadn’t you said – why should boys have all the fun? Oh and they had it again.  Your gundays rocked the show :P

Irritating: Sonam Kapoor has a take on everything! She said that people without good looks are considered better actors. Really? She had no issues in publicly voicing her opinions that she thought mattered. She declared herself not only fashion icon (which others seemed to agree) but also a good actress and the diva. Bravo!

Dumb & Hilarious: Okay! Haven’t you already heard about ‘Alia Moment’? Wondering what it is? Well, this new girl in the industry is not blonde and I don’t believe in the stereotypes. But she looked like what it stands for when she incorrectly answered ‘Who’s the president of India?’. On the next appearance she got wiser and didn’t open her mouth as she didn’t know the full form of BJP and what Independence Day is called in Hindi (National language they say) ! Good girl!

American accent: There was one that was broadcasted post family TV time (11 pm I guess) with Freida Pindo and Nargis Fakri. It was a fun show. Though I still do not understand why a girl born and brought up in Mumbai has to speak in american accent on an Indian talk show, it was news that Nargis is american (born and brought up in Queens NY). Like most of the Indians even I do not understand why Freida made it big in hollywood (did she really?), but yeah she flaunted her american accent.