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Letter to grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I know that writing letters is out of fashion. And I didn’t write one to you when it was the norm. But I have finally made up my mind to write one to you.

I never told you but I really loved you. We hardly spoke as both of us were not talkative types. But I loved your enthusiasm and curiosity that was never-ending. You always enjoyed working – on your work site or in your garden.  You loved to try new things – be it a new oil in the market or a vacuum cleaner (that was never used).  And you wanted to learn new things. Oh! I am so sorry I didn’t teach you computer. It’s not that I thought you were too old to learn one. But I was busy in my little world.

Had you noticed that I was really happy when you had my name entered for the felicitation thing for completing the school with a decent grade? It wasn’t the prize that I received from your local club but the proud and happy eyes of yours that made me smile.

I never told you but your hearing aid hardly worked. What my neighbour-friend’s grandpa asked and you answered didn’t have anything in common. And vice-versa. It really didn’t matter not just because we didn’t have any better technology available. Because you both had a good time chatting and we also had some while listening. And it never stopped you from enjoying TV shows.

But I miss your undeclared visits to our home on some random day with some snack in the bag for us. And the ones in the afternoon! We sometimes suspected that grandma’s diet restrictions (for your good) gave you a hard time as you managed to be working just nearby our place to make it for lunch.

I also miss the impromptu picnics that you arranged and surprised us with. Also the trips we all family members had together. You brought all of us together – all your children. You bonded us together. I miss it all.

I feel sad that I never told you all this when I could. Sadly I was again busy with my small mundane business even in your last moments. How silly of me! But I miss you even today. Though I feel you already know it all, I always hope that I had just told you earlier – I love you!

Your loving granddaughter!