Summer and one Hail of a Storm

It was a news that I couldn’t Ignore.  Rain & Hailstorm in Summer, that too, in Maharashtra?

We faced a harsh winter, polar vortex and loads of snow here. And yes, there was a snowfall in a few states that were not expecting it or ready for it. And it made a big news. But when I heard of hailstorm in Aurangabad (India) in summer it was too much to believe. Though a friends and family teased back saying – see even we have snow/ice here, unfortunately it was just a start of sad story no one expected.

When I grew up in this city it was hot. If you ask me to define ‘hot’ I can give you an example. Generally we were grounded in the afternoons so we used to play board games, card games n all.  After coming home from summer class in 10th  I used to fill up the bucket with cold water to pour my burning feet in it imagining it’s taking out all the heat out of my body. We didn’t have the luxury of A.C.s back in early 90’s. So we used to put a wet bed sheet or drapes in front of window and enjoy the cool breeze for 10 mins till it was all dry. And of course a lots of Sherbets and Ice-cream!!

And now when I see that roads are covered with ice and crops were completely destroyed by big ice pellets dropping out of nowhere along with heavy rain in the summer (for 2-3 days) in different parts of state, I am surprised and shocked. I know everyone is but worst hit are the farmers! In some parts of there was damage to houses, also thousands of sheep/cows died and at least 26 people died. In most of the parts, farmers are again left with nothing to look forward to in this season, and may be it’s not a new story, but drought & lack of water/rain was to blame to those farmer suicides earlier.


Is this some village in Maharashtra?? Yes! Don’t be surprised as mountains and roads (and fields) seem like covered with snow!! 

Add to the misery, comes the news that Indian scientist warn of more freak weather in coming days. 

Well, at least, post some damage, someone is saying that something like this can happen (again). Weather forecast was never our strength anyways.

Is it a big news?

Nationally? – Doesn’t seem like one. I see Malaysian jet mystery  taking over this misery!

Regionally? – After a week and probably some bad press highlighting damage (and thus ignorant attitude of authorities) and/or unhappiness among people, local/regional leaders have now started to visit the impacted areas in the state and declaring “help” for farmers. Huh!  Doesn’t it sound familiar?


Random thoughts over brewing coffee!

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