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Maggi moments

Junk food is yummy. Junk food in fast. Though I like it all, weakness for maggi had become more prominent for its simplicity.

Maggi in its Indianised version of instant noodles is called Masala Maggie. Boil water, add noodles and masala (spice mix) in the boiling water and wait for 2 minutes. Quick, simple and yummy. If you want to be less guilty add veggies to it. If you don’t bother about its junki-ness add butter or cheese. It is still quick, simple and yummy.

It was the summer vacation at grandma’s house. What did we demand for evening snack especially when grandma wasn’t home? Maggi.

It was the first night  when we friends had moved to a new flat in a new city for a new job. What did we have with limited means and will (to cook)? Maggi.

It’s a cold winter and you need something hot and spicy. What’s a more perfect occasion for it? Yes, Maggi wins.

It was a hectic day at work and you are too drained to cook a good meal. Now you know it. Maggi.

Living away from home (i.e. mom’s food) always gets you closer to maggi, especially in bachelor days. Limiting the entry of junk food is an easier option than testing the will power to avoid temptation. But that doesn’t stop one from relishing all those maggi moments :)